In the implementation phase, ISPA consult GmbH will gladly support you in the following tasks:

  • Organize action planning within the companies
  • Follow Up Activity Planner
  • Optimize action planning itself
  • Further support (trainings, workshops, coaching)

More about this:

An employee survey will only have the full effect if, on the basis of the results of the survey, improvement and development measures are derived and implemented, and thus positive changes in the overall organization are brought about.

The employees expect reactions and actions after the survey results have been determined. Therefore, the implementation phase of an employee survey is just as important as the conducting phase, if not the most important phase. But which are the right measures?

Even in this very important phase, ISPA consult GmbH supports and advises you with the right tools. We will gladly work out a concrete implementation plan with necessary contents.

In order to keep track of the implementation measures, ISPA consult GmbH offers the IT-supported FAP tool (Follow Up Activity Planner), which has already proven itself several times. The FAP tool is a self-developed special software for the central multi-project management control of implementation processes, which allows the central project management, but also the sub-project managers and other authorized users to get an overview of the current state of implementation at any time. Colored markers can be used to indicate whether the project progress in an evaluation unit is "on schedule" or is already in a small or large backlog.

To optimize the processes and contents in the implementation of your employee survey, ISPA consult GmbH, for example, offers the use of qualified moderators, multipliers, mediators and coaches; the creation of schedules, IT tools and checklists, as well as other services of our "conversion suitcase".

ISPA consult GmbH offers you further consulting support for the implementation phase, which can be booked individually or as a package:

1. Standardised process and time schedules

2. Moderator training - employee survey and discussion of results (day event)

3. Management training - dealing with the survey results (half-day event)

4. Implementation workshops - Moderated workshops (e.g. as World Café) including planning, implementation and follow-up (photo protocol)

5. Other consultancy services: coaching, team coaching etc.

6. Documentation of measures after an EFP (employee survey)

7. Preparation of further presentations

8. Hotline for questions from participants