Employee survey - evaluation

In the evaluation and report generation phase, ISPA consult GmbH supports you in the following tasks:

  • Checking incoming data and determining response rates
  • Data entry for paper and online questionnaires
  • Data analysis of the employee survey and report preparation
  • Presentation and internal communication of the results
  • Award of ISPA consult GmbH certificate with seal

More about this:

1. Input control and response rate Employee survey

After receiving and checking the completed questionnaire, ISPA consult GmbH will provide you with regular feedback on how many employees have already participated in the survey. Upon request, the feedback is also provided separately for individual organizational units or departments. So you can keep track and be able to act in good time through internal communication, if participation is too low.

2. Requirements for the amount of return rates

The calculated response rates should be as high as possible for reasons of representativeness. The average is usually over 66%.

Good planning and information in the run-up to an employee survey have just as much positive influence on the response rate as visible change measures in the aftermath.

We offer paper surveys, online surveys and hybrid surveys.

1. In the case of paper surveys, the data is entered by automatically scanning the completed questionnaires, which have been previously provided with a barcode.

Even larger amounts of data can be handled by ISPA consult GmbH in the shortest possible time.

2. In the case of online surveys, the data is entered directly by the participants in the survey. In principle, both national and international employee surveys offer the option of choosing from a range of different languages. In case of technical problems, the service of the ISPA consult GmbH hotline is available, to which the employees can turn.

3. In hybrid surveys, a mixed form of paper and online, the data entry of the paper questionnaire is done by scanning and the online questionnaire is done by the participants directly entering the data.

After receiving control and determining the response rates, followed by data entry, data analysis and reporting is an important sub-process that produces decision-relevant results from the employee survey for the first time.

(1) Automated and semi-automated data evaluation

The evaluation of the entered data is carried out by different tools and software solutions, which ISPA consult GmbH provides and applies for the situation specific for the customer.

(2) Choice between different report forms

We offer different reporting forms:     

  • Complete or detailed reports, graphically detailed, with frequency distributions and mean values ​​for individual items. Overall reports are particularly suitable for the compact presentation of data at the group or company level. Detailed reports are used to present data to subordinate company or evaluation units (business / functional areas, regions, locations, departments).     
  • Statistical data tables (frequency distributions, means, medians, standard deviations, variances). These table bands are particularly useful for the overview of results according to statistical characteristics (gender, age).     
  • Special analyzes, such as Crosstabs or Mean Considerations. They provide a quick overview and comparison of the most important results.                 

Extract from employee survey report

Fig.: Extract from employee survey report

(3) Benchmark service

Within the overall or detailed reports there is the option of internal and external benchmark comparisons:

  • With internal benchmarking, companies can, for example, compare their results with a previous survey through time comparisons or compare evaluation units with each other or with the calculated overall average value of the company through mean value comparisons.
  • With external benchmarking, it is possible for the company to compare itself with sector-specific or non sector-specific average values.

           ISPA consult GmbH offers the following types of external benchmarks:

  1. Industry-unspecific benchmarks from different industries.
  2. Industry-specific benchmarks from individual industries such as the metal and electrical industry, administration/cities, paper, publishing and printing industry (media).

(4) Open questions

ISPA consult GmbH offers the possibility of recording and evaluating "open questions".

In our experience, open questions are used by at least a third of respondents to report in more or less detail in their own words "what is on their minds" without being restricted by prefabricated questions and predetermined answer options.

We offer an effective and efficient evaluation of the open questions while preserving the anonymity of the respondents.

The results of "open questions" are presented graphically in a special report using "three-dimensional bar charts", "spin maps" and "word clouds".

The results of the open questions are clearly presented with the help of a three-dimensional bar chart.

Fig.: Three-dimensional bar chart

With the spin map, the cases of statements are displayed graphically like a spider's web.

Fig.: Spinmap

Mittels Wortwolken bietet ISPA eine Übersicht über die zentralen Ergebnisse der Mitarbeiterbefragung. Je häufiger ein Wort genannt wurde desto größer und dicker sind die Buchstaben des Wortes dargestellt

Abb.: Wortwolke

In large companies with many evaluation units, the number of requested and created detailed reports can reach several hundred. For this case, ISPA consult GmbH offers the in-house developed IRP tool "Interactive Report Program". With this programme, you yourself control who receives which report or detailed report and when.

(1) Presentations of the employee survey results by the ISPA consult GmbH

ISPA consult GmbH prepares the results presentation with the most important findings and results on the basis of the overall report or the corresponding detailed report. Important fields of action are pointed out, commented on and appropriate, experience-based recommendations for action expressed. We are happy to present the most important results on site in the employee survey project team, management team / senior management, at the staff or works council or in an information / staff / staff meeting.

(2) Communication concepts and regulation of access authorizations

The successful communication of the results of the survey is of great importance for the acceptance of the survey results and the willingness to actively participate in the subsequent implementation. In order to inform all employees according to their needs, ISPA consult GmbH develops a tailor-made communication concept on request and in consultation with you. In this one determines exactly who should receive which survey results when and how and how the access to this information should be regulated.

(3) Result presentations by executives and support options

As required and requested, ISPA consult GmbH takes over the moderator training for executives and offers support in the form of individual and group coaching. Instead of moderator training and coaching, there are also moderated results discussions to choose from, which are planned and carried out by ISPA consult GmbH.

With the employee satisfaction seal, ISPA consult confirms the "employee satisfaction" metric achieved at the time of data collection.

Fig.: ISPA employee satisfaction seal

We confirm the "employee satisfaction" achieved by awarding a certificate with the ISPA seal, which provides information on how employees rate their working conditions at the time of data collection.