Survey phase

Successful 360° feedback.

ISPA consult GmbH is specialised in conducting feedback surveys. We use a user-friendly web application for this purpose.

During the survey phase, the web application is used to conduct the surveys and send reminders.

More about this:

ISPA consult GmbH provides the customer with a web application with which the data is collected. All feedback participants are invited by e-mail to take part in the survey (if necessary, paper questionnaires can be provided as a supplement). Any of the client's questionnaires can be mapped. A selection of all classic answer scales and setting options from comparable survey tools is available. The survey is voluntary and anonymous for employees, colleagues and customers.

IT Software

The survey tool ...

... manages feedback processes and results of any size in real time

... is efficient in administration - plug'n'play for rapid deployment

... enables the administration of a flexible rights system

... can map any questionnaire of the customer

... contains a selection of all classic answer scales and setting options

... enables the integration of paper surveys

... is stable and scalable - no matter whether 50, 500 or 5,000 feedback recipients are involved

... is user-friendly and works on all end devices (has a responsive design)

... is multilingual

... is programmed with regard to data protection and security standards - DSGVO-compliant - and is regularly audited by external security providers.

As a rule, a reminder is sent to the participants by the web application after the first or second feedback week. This reminds them once again to take part in the survey.

There is also the possibility to once again point out the importance of participation internally through targeted marketing.