We not only question, but also support you and your executives in the implementation of the results through further coaching offers, determination of training needs and planning of measures for personnel and organizational development. The full value of executive feedback unfolds above all in the transfer. Our services in the implementation phase:     

  • Implementation workshops    
  • Team coaching     
  • Coaching

More about this:

If required and on request, moderators of the ISPA consult GmbH take over the execution of workshops incl. Preparation and photo protocol. Workshops offer the opportunity for detailing and intensive discussion of the feedback results between feedback recipients and feedback providers.

If the feedback results indicate that there is a need for action in certain teams, then team coaching can be an appropriate means to increase potential for improvement and thus contribute to increasing employee satisfaction. Again, we support you.

Trained coaches take on the coaching of the feedback recipients and jointly develop alternative solutions and targeted (training) measures to improve leadership behavior. This form of implementation offers the greatest possible benefit, since individual and targeted discussions with the feedback taker ("in protected space") can address problems and solutions.