Implementation phase

The 360°feedback is not an end in itself, but serves as a basis for deriving measures aimed at e.g. sustainably improving leadership behaviour. The implementation phase of the 360° feedback is therefore crucial for the effectiveness and acceptance of the instrument. ISPA consult GmbH offers its clients (personally or virtually) various support measures:

  • Result coaching (transfer talks)
  • Result presentations for various committees
  • Trainings: Train-the-trainer or management training
  • Implementation workshops
  • Other consulting services: Individual coaching, team coaching etc.
  • Documentation of measures after a 360° feedback by using the ISPA software FAP (Follow-up Activity Planner)

More about this:

The 360° feedback is always only the prelude to the subsequent change process.

The following hurdles can occur:

  • The feedback may surprise the feedback recipients (e.g. managers) and affect them emotionally.
  • Translating the results into changes in behaviour may lead to perplexity or excessive demands.
  • It may not be possible to clearly separate the relevant from the irrelevant.
  • There may be a lack of a "neutral counterpart" to recognise one's own "blind spots".

Results coaching sessions have proven to be an effective tool for support. They usually last 90 minutes and are conducted in person or virtually.

"Safeguard your investment".
We support you in results coaching by intensively preparing for and conducting the coaching sessions. Results coaching - or also called transfer discussions - use coaching techniques, but are to be distinguished from classic coaching processes.

The aim of results coaching is...

... to review and discuss the individual results.

... to reflect on and prioritise the results with the respective manager.

... to derive and weight the executive's options for action.

... define the next steps and plan them concretely.

We are happy to compile and present the overall results in the circle of personnel developers or managers. For example, the most important findings and results are prepared on the basis of the overall average of the assessments. Ideally, areas for action regarding competence models, leadership values or guidelines are identified and pointed out, commented on and suitable, experience-based suggestions for improvement are made. If necessary, the requirements for "leadership" are redefined.

We support you in the internal qualification of multipliers or coaches or managers and provide you with our expert knowledge so that you can continue to work competently and effectively.

Trainings: Train-the-trainer or executive trainings on the following process steps:

  • Accepting results and personal reflection
  • Analysis of the results
  • Development of fields of action
  • Communicating the results

If required and on request, moderators of ISPA consult GmbH take over - personally or virtually - the conduct of implementation workshops or idea workshops incl. preparation, implementation and follow-up. Workshops offer the opportunity for detailing and intensive discussion of the feedback results between feedback recipients and feedback providers.

Individual coaching:

Trained coaches take over the coaching of the feedback recipients and jointly develop alternative solutions and targeted (training) measures, e.g. to improve leadership behaviour.

This form of implementation offers the greatest possible benefit, as problems and possible solutions can be discussed individually and in a targeted manner with the feedback recipients ("in a protected space").

Team coaching:

If the feedback results indicate that there is a need for action in certain teams, team coaching can be a suitable means to raise improvement potentials and thus contribute to an increase in leadership quality, leadership behaviour and employee satisfaction. We are happy to support you in this area as well.

ISPA consult GmbH offers the FAP (Follow-up Activity Planner) software especially for the implementation phase. This is a controlling instrument that helps to better structure  and document the measures derived from the 360°feedback results. This allows you to keep track of the defined measures and their implementation status.

Software FAP (Follow-up Activity Planner)