Quote: "It is crazy to always do things the same way and hope for different results." (Albert Einstein).

Katja Miklic is our "youngest" ISPA team member as Head of HR-Consulting since 2021. Over the past 20 years, Ms Miklic has worked successfully in various operational and strategic HR management and HR leadership positions in both corporate and SME environments, and thus brings with her the valuable and complementary lens of client practice.

As a change of perspective often provides new impulses, Ms Miklic has decided to bring her many years of comprehensive professional experience into the ISPA consulting portfolio and to share her passion for HR with us.

In addition to classic HR consulting, Ms Miklic works together with our clients to develop custom-fit and practicable solutions that specifically address fields of action from e.g. upstream employee surveys and/or 360° feedback processes.

"In this way, we continue to meet our own standards as well as the steadily growing demand of our clients for HR consulting that takes a look at the "big picture" ",  emphasises Ms Miklic. "Possibilities for improving the corporate and leadership culture as well as communication and cooperation within the company and measures for reducing fluctuation and absenteeism are, in addition to the analysis of existing remuneration and working time models, just some of the possible fields of action that we examine together with our clients."

Extensive hiking tours, a good meal or a relaxing yoga session are at the top of the list of favourites for leisure time.