In carrying out the employee survey, we are happy to assist you in the following tasks:     

  • Provide print and online questionnaires
  • Distribute the questionnaires
  • Encourage the completion of the questionnaires
  • Return the completed questionnaires

More about this:

  • We are happy to create with you a user-friendly online or paper questionnaire, taking into account your company layout.     
  • The printing of the paper questionnaire can be done by us as well as on your own.

  • The distribution of printed paper questionnaires for the employee survey to the eligible employees usually takes place internally, either directly to the individual addressees or indirectly (via the respective executives).
  • In the online employee survey, ISPA consult GmbH sends emails with the link to the questionnaire and the respective password to the participants, while maintaining the anonymity and compliance with the EU GDPR. Alternatively, TAN letters or TAN cards can be sent or distributed.

  • It is important that the present paper or online questionnaires are timely, this means within the given time period (usually 14 days + extension week). Depending on agreement during or outside working hours.
  • Benefit from the years of survey experience of ISPA consult GmbH with employee surveys. We will give you tips on how to achieve a higher participation rate.
  • Hotliners from ISPA consult GmbH are happy to assist your employees with technical and other questions.

Completed paper questionnaires can either be sent to ISPA consult GmbH via collection points within the company or by direct mailing with return envelopes. Completed online questionnaires are SSL encrypted and securely transferred to ISPA consult GmbH.