Strengthen the leadership skills of your employees.
ISPA consult GmbH is happy to support you in all phases of 360° feedback, from the concept, survey and reporting phases to the implementation phase.

360° feedback at a glance - targeted development on the way


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Strengthen the leadership skills of your employees.
The goals and topics of 360° Feedback are diverse. The main goal of 360° Feedback is:

"To learn through personal feedback to constantly develop and specifically improve one's own leadership performance. To point out strengths and specifically illuminate "blind spots"."

The basic idea behind this is the JOHARI window. The JOHARI window is a representation of conscious and unconscious personality and behavioural characteristics between one's own perspective and from the perspective of other persons or groups.

Together with our client, we design a 360° person-centred, written feedback procedure. The target persons - mostly persons with personnel responsibility / in management positions - receive feedback from their own work environment. In parallel, a self-assessment is carried out by the feedback recipient. In the evaluation, the self-perception and external perception assessments are compared with each other. The reports help to identify strengths, areas for action and "blind spots".

JOHARI windows - explanatory video


In the operational preparation of the 360° feedback, we discuss and prepare the following points together with the client:

  • personnel, procedural and temporal project procedure
  • Group of participants (definition of the components of the role concept)
  • Questionnaire development (content and methodology, incl. question wording and uniform answer scales, approx. 100 questions)
  • Type of survey (online / paper / hybrid)
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Technical implementation / report templates
  • Nomination and verification
  • Information and motivation of participants

Group of participants / role concept

In the preparation phase, the structure of the role concept including the clear assignment of the feedback givers to the feedback receivers is of considerable importance. For this purpose, ISPA consult GmbH provides a web application that is easy and intuitive to use, especially for the selection of the feedback givers.

Questionnaire development

We recommend to base the instrument on existing competence models, leadership values or guidelines. If these do not yet exist, you can use the opportunity to define your internal requirements for "leadership" together with ISPA consult GmbH. The survey instrument should fit harmoniously into the company, like a part of the corporate culture!

Architecture of the Basic Questionnaire - 360° Feedback Cockpit
The development of the instrument is about "what someone does", not "how someone is". It is about "description", less about "evaluation". Employees, supervisors etc. describe the visible behaviour of the feedback recipient. This makes the competences, skills, knowledge, attitudes, values and beliefs of the feedback receiver visible.

Integration of the questionnaire into the web application

Nomination and verification - How does the feedback process work?

The feedback recipients nominate their feedback providers independently via the online platform (web application). For this purpose, a list of the customer's employees is stored in the system in advance. Missing e-mail addresses can be added manually if desired. The number of roles (max. 6 roles, e.g. supervisor, employee, colleague, etc.), the naming of the roles and any nomination rules (min., max., etc.) can be flexibly defined.

In addition, it is possible to have the nominated feedback providers verified or released by the respective supervisor and/or HR. We recommend this step, as it involves the supervisors in the project before the survey and ensures the quality of the feedback provider selection.

Anonymity assurance - How is data protection ensured?

The protection and EU-DSGVO-compliant collection, processing and use of personal data has top priority at ISPA consult GmbH.

The most important facts in brief:

  • Hosting of the 360° Feedback application in Germany (DIN ISO/IEC 27001). Dedicated server in the data centre Falkenstein in Vogtland (Germany).
  • ISPA consult GmbH acts strictly according to the German Data Protection Regulation and works closely with an external, professional data protection officer (
  • High focus on technical and organisational measures according to Art. 32 DSGVO.
  • Measures going beyond this, such as clearly defined minimum evaluation limits.
  • Ensuring anonymity applies to both the paper/online and hybrid variants.
  • Clarification in advance whether and to whom the results are to be made available in addition to the feedback recipient (e.g. the superior, the personnel management, etc.) and which purposes the information is to serve (e.g. PE and OE measures, personnel selection, decision regarding performance-related remuneration, etc.).

ISPA consult GmbH guarantees that the anonymity of the data collection of the 360° Feedback is maintained under all circumstances in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation. Ensuring anonymity is an important condition for 360° feedback so that employees, colleagues, customers, etc. can give their feedback freely and openly. The feedback recipient should therefore not have the possibility to assign the received assessments to individual feedback providers. Exceptions to this are feedback from the direct supervisor and, if necessary, the use and presentation of open questions.

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