Alexandra Banek, Marketing Manager

    HURCO GmbH 

"The cooperation and the implementation of the employee survey was very successful. We will also conduct further surveys with ISPA Consult in the future."

Anke Walkerling, Leitung Personal
   ulrich GmbH & Co. KG.

"The team around ISPA consult always acted as a reliable contact partner. The support left nothing to be desired. ISPA consult will continue to be our first choice when it comes to the professional support of HR projects."

To the 2021 follow-up survey:

Diane Migulla, Personnel Officer

"The cooperation is always very great and completely problem-free. I think it's great that everything is discussed in the smallest way and that it is implemented immediately. Please keep it up."

Matthias Meyder, Head of Personnel

  HAKA Kunz GmbH

"Established contact with ISPA in August. Implemented the survey at the beginning of October with a participation rate of 92%. It doesn't get any better than that !!!"

Ralf Kleiner, Leitung Personalentwicklung

   Stadtverwaltung Konstanz

"With the company ISPA we have found a competent partner and with Mr. Miklic an exceptionally dedicated and reliable consultant."

Jörn Fiebig, Director Human Resources & Central Services / Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

  Tele Columbus AG

"Excellent support from ISPA. We at Tele Columbus AG were very satisfied with the 3rd MAB."

Eva Sorg, Projektmanagement

   St. Elisabeth-Stiftung

"We were very satisfied with the implementation and presentation of the results as part of an internal service evaluation."

Susanne Barth, Fachbereichsleiterin Zentrale Dienste
Stadtverwaltung Remseck a.N.

„ISPA consult accompanied our employee survey very professionally, with very high expertise."

Dr. Christopher Bangert, Leiter der Stabsstelle Sozialwirtschaft
  Deutscher Caritasverband e.V.

„ISPA consult works very customer-oriented and responds very well to individual needs."

Denise Timm, Personalreferentin
  CARLSEN Verlag GmbH

„ISPA consult supported us excellently from A to Z with the employee survey. The cooperation was characterised on the one hand by a high degree of professionalism and on the other hand by the ability of ISPA consult to respond to individual wishes."

Michael Werner, Personalleiter
   Schneeberger GmbH

„Very good and professional support by ISPA consult."

Gabriele Maaß, Personalreferentin
   RAFI Eltec GmbH

"With the professional support of ISPA consult, we were able to conduct a meaningful employee survey. The benchmark with other companies from our industry was particularly interesting."

Simone Stahl, Abt. Marktforschung
  E-T-A Elektronische Apparate GmbH

„High professionalism and the excellent support during the entire process distinguished the cooperation with ISPA."

Melanie Mierzowski, Leiterin Marketing
  Bauverein AG Darmstadt

„With the decision to commission ISPA consult as an external service provider to carry out the employee survey, we made the right choice. ISPA advises competently and always reacts extremely fast to the questions that arise during the process."

Christina Kröner, Leitung Kundenservice
   Ebert + Jacobi GmbH & Co. KG

„ISPA consult has professionally contributed its experience in the field of employee surveys and responded flexibly to our requirements."

Rüdiger Hahn, Leiter Personalstrategie
  Mainova AG

„ISPA consult provided us with professional support in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of an internal customer survey of the HR department."