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‘My coach (Mrs Miklic) helped me to find my inner peace and serenity and developed me in a positive direction. As part of the personal management coaching, I was able to bring very flexible and current topics to each session, for which I received very good solutions very spontaneously. This flexibility was important to me and she also did a very good job of personalising and motivating the session. As a source of inspiration, Mrs Miklic gave me new ways of thinking and made me reflect in order to come up with solutions myself. I thank her for the great 10 sessions, where we were also able to laugh a lot.’
Team leader, NVBW - Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH

‘We have already conducted several employee surveys with ISPA consult over the last 10 years. What we appreciate most about our collaboration is the professionalism, the expertise and the speed with which our concerns were implemented. Against this background, we can recommend ISPA consult unconditionally.’
Enrico Schmidt, Head of Personnel Development, fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG

‘Very good, personal support; professional implementation of the appointments (e.g. presentation of results, workshop questionnaire); benchmark values helpful; very good basic questionnaire with the possibility of individual customisation.’
Sandra Thumm, Head of HR, Helmut Fischer GmbH

Katja Miklic accompanied us as part of a team building and team development process. This helped us as a newly formed team to find a good way of working together in the long term. Consistently focussing on our needs and using the right methods, the support provided by ISPA was a decisive factor for us growing together quickly and working successfully as a team. 
In addition, an accompanying individual coaching session with Mrs Miklic at the beginning of my first management position as team leader helped me a lot. As part of the confidential counselling, I benefited in particular from the practical examples I had gathered over many years of experience. I was able to discuss specific case studies from my day-to-day management work directly during the coaching sessions and obtain support and helpful ideas. The individual coaching appointments were planned very individually based on my personal needs - from the topic of conflict management and personal coaching to the tools of good leadership, such as conducting employee appraisals. The one-to-one coaching helped me to develop professionally and, in particular, personally and thus expand my leadership skills. 

Florian Stratz, Team Leader - Mobility Data & Innovations Team 

‘Pleasant dialogue and advice; fast response time; flexibility; professional implementation.’
Christian Kress, HR Business Partner, SAF-HOLLAND GmbH

‘We were very satisfied with the planning and implementation of the survey. All our questions and concerns were always answered quickly and everything went smoothly!’
Katrin Konnegen, HR Manager, Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH

‘The cooperation and implementation of the employee survey was very successful. We will be carrying out further surveys with ISPA consult in the future.’
Alexandra Banek, Marketing Manager, HURCO GmbH  

‘The ISPA consult team always acted as a reliable contact partner. The support left nothing to be desired. ISPA consult will continue to be our first choice in the future when it comes to professional support for HR projects.’  
Anke Walkerling, Head of Human Resources, ulrich GmbH & Co.KG 

‘I enjoy the open and trusting cooperation. My concerns and questions are answered very quickly and helpfully.’
Diane Migulla, Personnel Officer, ulrich GmbH & Co.KG 

‘Mrs Miklic was recommended to me by a colleague and I am very glad that I followed her advice. Mrs Miklic has impressive experience in personnel management and was able to apply her knowledge extremely competently. It was clear that she has in-depth expertise and is passionate about what she does. Thanks to her many years of experience in various management positions, she was able to provide practical examples and case studies, which made the coaching even more vivid. Her empathetic manner and commitment deserve special mention. Mrs Miklic really took the time to understand and respond to my individual needs. As a result, I always felt that I was in good hands and taken seriously. Mrs Miklic managed to create an atmosphere of trust in which I was able to express myself freely. This enabled us to work together on the challenges and find suitable solutions. Overall, I am very satisfied with the professional coaching. My colleague's recommendation was spot on. Mrs Miklic helped me to further develop my leadership skills and achieve my goals. I can recommend her without reservation.’
Team leader, NVBW - Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH

‘Made contact with ISPA in August. Implemented the survey at the beginning of October with a participation rate of 92%. It couldn't have been better!!!.’
Matthias Meyder, Head of Human Resources

‘In ISPA, we have found a competent partner and in Mr Miklic, an extremely committed and reliable consultant.’
Ralf Kleiner, Head of Personnel Development, City of Constance  

‘ISPA consult GmbH conducts employee surveys very competently and professionally. The results are very well prepared and provide a good indication of areas for future measures.’
Peter Höfer, Head of the Main Office, City of Leonberg

‘Excellent support from ISPA. We at Tele Columbus AG were very satisfied with the 3rd MAB.’
Jörn Fiebig, Director Human Resources & Central Services / Member of the Management Board, Tele Columbus AG

‘We were very satisfied with the implementation and presentation of the results as part of an internal service evaluation.’
Eva Sorg, Project Management, St. Elisabeth Foundation

‘ISPA consult accompanied our employee survey very professionally and with a high level of expertise.’
Susanne Barth, Head of Central Services, Remseck am Neckar City Council

‘ISPA consult is very customer-orientated and responds very well to individual needs.’
Dr Christopher Bangert, Head of the Social Economy Unit, Deutscher Caritasverband e. V.

‘ISPA consult provided us with excellent support from A to Z for the employee survey. The cooperation was characterised on the one hand by a high degree of professionalism and on the other hand by ISPA consult's ability to respond to individual wishes.’
Denise Timm, Personnel Officer, CARLSEN Verlag GmbH

‘Very good and professional support from ISPA consult’
Michael Werner, Head of Human Resources, Schneeberger GmbH

‘With the professional support of ISPA consult, we were able to conduct a meaningful employee survey. The benchmark with other companies in our industry was particularly interesting.’
Gabriele Maaß, Personnel Officer, RAFI Eltec GmbH

‘The collaboration with ISPA was characterised by a high level of professionalism and excellent support throughout the entire process.’
Simone Stahl, Market Research Department, E-T-A Elektronische Apparate GmbH

‘We made the right choice when we decided to commission ISPA consult as an external service provider to conduct the employee survey. ISPA provides competent advice and always responds extremely quickly to questions that arise during the process.’
Melanie Mierzowski, Head of Marketing, Bauverein AG Darmstadt

‘ISPA consult contributed its experience in the field of employee surveys professionally and responded flexibly to our requirements.’
Christina Kröner, Head of Customer Service, Ebert + Jacobi GmbH & Co. KG

‘ISPA consult provided us with professional support in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of an internal customer survey in the HR department.’
Rüdiger Hahn, Head of Personnel Strategy, Mainova AG

‘All in all, we are very satisfied with the planning, realisation and implementation of our employee survey by ISPA consult. We were able to realise our specific company requirements very well. The results reports are clear and provide us with a good basis for communicating and discussing the results as well as for the subsequent development and implementation of measures.’
Dr Stefan Keck, Personnel Strategy - Central Personnel Department; N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft

‘Ms Miklic was able to optimally support our change process thanks to her practice-oriented expertise and her skills as a coach. She recognises the need for action and works out practicable solutions for the respective topic with the people concerned. Appointments were binding and professionally organised. If there was a process-related need to adapt the planned methods, Ms Miklic responded openly and flexibly. There was always a trusting and respectful dialogue.’
Nina Deiß, Head of the Haus auf der Alb conference centre, LpB BW