Employee survey - planning

Careful planning is essential for the success of an employee survey. As a competent partner we support you hereby:    

  • Elaboration of the project assignment  
  • Selection and design of the questionnaire
  • Employee survey process planning
  • Guarantee anonymity for the ES

More about this:

Good planning helps you to make the right decision. Before making the final decision to conduct an employee survey, you often need information about the number of participants, proposed content, forms or costs and benefits of the employee survey. We can provide you with the necessary information as part of a non-binding offer and, on request, a concept presentation.

In the choice and design of the questionnaire there are basically 3 possibilities:     

1. ISPA basis questionnaire with 16 topics and three open text fields and approx. 120 items.     

2. Customer questionnaire with or without modifications. The ISPA consult GmbH offers support in the optimization (shortening of the questionnaire, completion of topics, scaling).     

3. Development of a new questionnaire in co-production with ISPA consult GmbH and the project team of the corporate client. The result is not a questionnaire "off the peg", but a tailor-made questionnaire taking into account company-specific features.

ISPA consult GmbH also has a large repertoire of special questionnaires such as risk assessment, a trainee survey or the MAB compact for small and medium-sized companies.

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Sample of an online questionnaire

Fig.:Sample of an online questionnaire

The process of the employee survey is pre-structured through the four main processes - planning, implementation, evaluation and implementation. Within these main processes important sub-processes and events are to be named, which are to be brought into a chronological order. We are happy to create a concrete schedule with you.

Example of a milestone plan for an employee survey

Fig.: Example of a milestone plan for an employee survey

Adhering to and maintaining the anonymity of employees when carrying out a survey is very important and, in addition, crucial for participation. ISPA consult GmbH guarantees strict compliance with the anonymity of personal data under the EU Data Protection Regulation, by an external data protection officer, based on a well-developed, well-documented system of verifiable and visible security measures. An order data processing contract with corresponding technical and organizational measures is agreed with the respective customer company before the start of the project.

With the anonymity seal, ISPA consult guarantees strict compliance with the anonymity of personal data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.