The modular implementation program “BSU” (Begleit-Service Umsetzung – Assisted Implementation) by ISPA consult in collaboration with ISPA talent Munich deals with the implementation of survey results in measures for improvement.

Currently and continuously, we intensify our work towards an effective and efficient implementation of survey results in measures for the benefit of the company as well as its employees.

We offer five modules in the BSU, which can be ordered individually or as part of the complete package at the beginning or during a current organisational survey or, in case of need, even when the survey is completed:

BSU-Module 1

Moderator trainings for executives

BSU-Module 2

Moderated discussions of results in workshops of the individual evaluation units

BSU-Module 3

Individual and group coachings for executives led by a qualified coach from ISPA  talent Munich

BSU-Module 4

Introduction and operation of one or more "World Cafés" in large enterprises and larger  SMCs

BSU-Module 5Success controlling for implementation (work in progress)

If you are interested, we are happy to provide you with details on the individual modules, which have already been tested and proven successful in different companies.