The comparison of company-specific survey results with comparable data from other companies and administrations (external benchmarking) is important for an accurate assessment of one’s own survey results. However, providing appropriate external benchmarks with a verifiable quality of data ascertainment and evaluation can prove difficult.

We offer two types of benchmarks with which company-specific results of organisational surveys can be compared.

(1) Sector-specific benchmarks, separately for

  •  metal and electrical industry with 30,559 data entries from 51 companies;
  • public administrations including public transport with 6,391 data entries from 12 administrations.

(2) Non-sector-specific benchmarks with a total of 46,894 data entries from 93 companies and administrations.


All benchmarks are updated biannually. The last update was made in the first quarter of 2016.

We guarantee the quality of benchmark data. We generate them by aggregating a large number of survey results from individual companies where comparable questions have been asked. For benchmarking processes, only the aggregated, never the individual data from companies or administrations, is forwarded.

For benchmarking, we primarily use: 

  • Average values for individual topics from the organisational surveys;
  • reached maximum values for the individual topics;
  • reached minimum values for individual topics.

Upon request, we can ascertain further important operating figures for benchmarking.

Benchmark reports provide information on whether and regarding which topics the client’s own survey results are better or worse than the average value of the main unit and how big the difference is to the individual maximum and minimum values. An additional time comparison can highlight development tendencies and add to the success controlling of already started implementation measures.

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Companies with foreign subsidiaries and branches require the most representative benchmarks possible from the individual countries to which the foreign companies can compare their own survey results. Upon request, we can ascertain benchmarks for different questions in selected countries by evaluating renowned international studies.

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