Successful management is inextricably linked with careful internal communication (internal communication with executives, employees and interests) and externally (external communication with customers, suppliers, investors and other external stakeholders). ISPA consult specializes in advising companies that want to improve their internal communication in line with their corporate strategy.

Current challenges include:

  1. The expectation that economic thinking is gaining in importance in the design of internal communication and a change in the role of responsible communication experts takes place from the classic "PR-professional" to the "management-oriented communicator"
  2. The demand to replace the growth of internal communication by many broadcasters with messages to many target groups and beneficiaries through an integrated communication concept, which is aligned with the overarching corporate objectives and strategies
  3. The dictation of increasing digitalization, which places internal communication under a permanent modernization pressure with regard to social media
  4.  The widespread desire to speak with one voice instead of many voices ("one-voice policy") in order to create a uniform appearance both internally and externally
  5. The attempt to further professionalize the internal communication within the company and to strengthen its effect by creating its own communication departments
  6. The growing importance of communication control with target / actual comparisons of the perceived effects and consequences