ISPA consult provides consulting support in all process phases of the employee survey, from planning with the focus on "questionnaire design" to the implementation of the survey results into measures.

The scope and intensity of the consultations in the phases of the employee survey are dependent on the individual case and are geared to the needs and wishes of the respective customers.

This Figure shows the Consulting Support for OS-Planning

Fig.: Consulting Support for OS-Planning

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Own Software Development of ISPA consult:

  1.   "Interactive Report Program" (IRP)

It allows a largely automated self-reporting of our customers, which can create any desire amount of required report types at any desired time as and when required.

     2.   "Follow Up Activity Planner" (FAP)

FAP is an IT-based project tracking system that is especially suited for the central recording and tracking of implementation projects after completion of an employee survey.

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With our partner ISPA talent Munich, we have developed and successfully tested special programs for customers who would like to particularly support their executives in the consultation and implementation of the survey results. This includes:

  • Moderator training for executives
  • Planning and carrying out moderated results throughputs in the individual evaluation units in support of the responsible managers with the objective of "elaboration of problem solving"
  • Professional coaching in the form of individual and group coaching for executives

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