To the workshop offer of the project "FasiP - Securing specialists, relieving care responsibilities":

  • Angela Lechner, Daimler AG: "The feedback to the speakers was very positive. The fact that Daimler is submitting such an offer is a great success for our employees. Affected employees particularly appreciate the professional advice on the most diverse of care products. "

Reactions to our workshop offer from the consulting project "Women in Leadership without Exit" (selected examples):

  • Sibylle Rock, Hewlett-Packard, EMEA Women's Leadership Council:    "A great initiative of the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs! These are precisely the external measures that an international company like ours needs to support employees in career development in family-intensive phases. In the shortest possible time, we had more than 200 employees at the HP site in Böblingen, and due to the overwhelming response of our employees, we will be offering further workshops at our other German and European locations. "
  • Employee of Agilent Technologies Germany: "As affected members of the family I would like to thank the ladies and gentlemen again. This information event gave a lot of clarity on the subject of "care in old age" and the tips could be implemented very effectively. I have had very good experiences with these nurses, I have not known about these institutions before. "