Why management feedback (360 ° and other variants)?

The goals of the executive feedback are manifold. It is important to distinguish between individual, group and organizational goals.

  • Awareness of the personal strengths and weaknesses of the feedback taker;
  • Targeted demand for unadulterated feedback;
  • Comparison of foreign and self-assessment and identification of matches and discrepancies;
  • Need for action for the personal development of the feedback recipient.

  • Possible foundations for demand-oriented personnel and organizational development;
  • Development of an open and constructive feedback culture with strong employee orientation and customer orientation;
  • Hints for future personnel selection; Decision basis regarding performance-based remuneration components;
  • Creation of an employee-oriented and partnership leadership culture;
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

  • The subject matter of the survey is basically all components that are decisive for the role-conforming behavior of the executives in the company towards superiors, employees, peers and customers. These include: specialist skills, social skills, methodological skills, leadership skills and personality competencies. These are specified by appropriate individual questions. The ISPA standard questionnaire for executive feedback (360 ° ao) contains a total of 18 areas of competence.     
  • U.a. according to the importance of these competence areas for the leadership position of the feedback taker on a 5 point scale (1 = not important, 5 = very important).                                                                                            In the same way, according to the perception of the feedback providers, it is asked how well or badly the respective feedback recipient really shows the required competencies (1 = low ability, 5 = very strong ability).     
  • "All in all" overall assessment of the feedback recipient from the point of view of the individual feedback providers.
  • Other questions

You can choose between a standardized or an individualized questionnaire. We build our instruments according to your needs and management guidelines.