The ISPA consult GmbH will gladly support you in all phases of your management feedback: the planning, implementation, evaluation and implementation. In the planning phase or concept phase in advance we support you in the following areas:     

  • Target definition     
  • Operational preparation (questionnaire development)

More about this:

The goals of leadership feedback are diverse. It is important to distinguish between individual, group and organizational goals. The goal definition forms the basis of the feedback. Depending on the goal definition, corresponding questions are asked.

(1) Individual goals     

  • Gain knowledge of the personal strengths and weaknesses of the feedback recipient     
  • Targeted demand for unadulterated feedback     
  • Comparison of external and self-assessment and determination of matches and deviations     
  • Identification of the need for action for the personal development of the feedback recipient

(2) Group and organizational goals     

  • Create the foundations for demand-oriented personnel and organizational development     
  • Performance Measurement: Acting Leaders according to Leadership Principles     
  • Development of an open and constructive feedback culture with pronounced employee orientation and customer orientation     
  • Gain tips for future staff selection     
  • Create basis for decision regarding performance-related remuneration components    
  • Creation of an employee-oriented and partnership-based management culture     
  • Increase employee satisfaction

In a rough concept and detailed concept, ISPA consult GmbH discusses with you the most important points to the questionnaire.

1. Rough concept (kick-off meeting for clarification)     

  • Personnel, procedural and temporal project process     
  • Participants     
  • Existing requirement profiles for the executives    
  • Type of survey

2. Detail concept     

  • Joint development of a meaningful questionnaire (content and methodology) including question formulation and uniform response scales (target group-specific questionnaire generation, about 100 questions)     
  • Definition of the components of the role concept (feedback taker list) = assignment of manager (feedback taker) to employees of the feedback taker (= feedback provider)     
  • Database structure, labeling of variables and values, etc.     
  • Import of the role concept incl. clear assignment to feedback recipients and feedback role

3. Interview preparation     

  • Questionnaire programming     
  • Generation of personal login codes (TANs) for the participants to the respective online questionnaires     
  • Logistic control of questionnaire shipping according to role concept by invitation of all participants

4. Anonymity assurance     

  • The ISPA consult GmbH guarantees that the anonymity in the data collection of executive feedback in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation is maintained in all circumstances. Ensuring anonymity is an important prerequisite for management feedback, so that employees, colleagues and customers can give their feedback freely and openly. The feedback recipient should therefore have no opportunity to assign the received assessments to individual feedback providers. Exceptions here are the feedback of the direct supervisor and, if necessary, the application and presentation of open questions.
  • Anonymity is ensured by collecting the individual assessments of employees, peers and customers through ISPA consult GmbH and aggregating them according to different groups. Only then will the results be made available to the feedback taker for comparison. Anonymity assurance applies to both the paper and the online variant.     
  • It must be clarified beforehand if and to whom the results should be made available next to the feedback taker (eg the supervisor, the HR manager) and which purposes the information should serve (eg PE and OE measures, selection of personnel, decision regarding the decision). performance-based remuneration, etc.).