ISPA consult offers content and process consulting for the company-specific structure of an integrated communication concept, consisting of the three general stages: 

  1. Project preparation
  2. Project processing
  3. Project controlling

The contents of the three stages are named in the following graphic in the form of keywords:

Fig .: ISPA Framework Internal Communication (IC)

Careful preparation is a prerequisite for the success of the project in a limited time. This also applies to a project as complex as, e.g. Internal communication.

The actual project processing usually runs through four subprocesses:

  1. Preparatory work prior to the start of the workshop mainly involves the collection and preparation of all data relating to the actual state of internal communication. In addition to the document analysis, the employee survey is considered as a method of data collection without or with additional expert interviews. In addition, trend searches are carried out and evaluated in this phase.
  2. The results of the preliminary work are taken as input into the subsequent concept development of the internal communication. This is done in one or more workshops with communication experts, based on various methods, e.g. SWOT analysis, brainstorming, group work, etc. Depending on the order, prepared drafts and proposals are discussed and approved in the workshops.
  3. The desired workshop output consists of a documentation of the concept of internal communication developed, which must then be approved and authorized by the management.
  4. In the last step of the project processing, the consulting support consists of designing a balanced scorecard special for the implementation of the internal communication.

Particular attention must be paid to the development of a system of communication control, which should measure and evaluate the effect of internal communication. In many cases, the communication control is still not developed or is missing.